24 hour confidential and professional crisis services for families and individuals affected by domestic and sexual violence. Providing emotional support, information and referrals.

Confidential, temporary housing for individuals and families of domestic and sexual violence with safety concerns.

Providing peer services and crisis intervention. Advocates are able to provide residents with information on available resources, employment, education, transportation, housing, health and other issues.

Assistance with legal issues, referrals, information, PPO’s , TRO’s , accompaniment to court, crime victims’ compensation and Judicare.

We offer crisis intervention, peer and child supportive services to help those affected by domestic and sexual violence.

Established in a comfortable and confidential setting, the group discussion is lead by a trained professional to aid in the empowerment of those affected by domestic and sexual violence. The support/empowerment group meets once a week with available child care. Date and time subject to change.

We offer crisis intervention and emotional supportive services to children affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. We provide support group, services in the schools of Gogebic Co. School District, and can provide child care while parent/guardian receive services.

All across states and territories, leaders are banding together to challenge the injustice of sexual assault through Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs). Our SART will be working to change the experiences and outcomes for victims/survivors in all of Gogebic County, MI and Iron County, WI. Partnering with community leaders in advocacy roles, law enforcement, health professionals, prosecution, judges, correction/probation, educational institutions, faith based organizations and many others to serve victims/survivors and improve individual and agency response to sexual assault.

Sexual/Domestic violence affects people of every gender identity, and sexual orientation including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) communities. They may face different or additional challenges in accessing legal, medical, law enforcement or other resources than other populations. We are here to listen without judgement, acknowledge the difficulty of what they went through, and show them that we care about them while using inclusive language that affirms the survivor’s gender identity and sexual orientation.

DOVE has established an outreach office on campus at Gogebic Community College to assist students with domestic and sexual violence issues. All services are confidential and free.